Portugal has a gastronomy as rich and varied as its landscape.

It is the sea that prints the most striking feature to Portuguese cuisine. We taste a simple grilled fish , always fresh, just like shellfish that abound throughout the coastline, and we are sure that we are in Portugal. Because this is where you find the best fish in the world! But Cataplana, stew or other ways to cook our fish and seafood are also right choices.

In meat dishes, a suggestion from all over the country: The Portuguese stew mixes meats, vegetables and assorted sausages, cooked in succulent form. We have excellent DOP meats from north to south of Portugal, whether veal, pork or goat. And still vegetables and fruits that retain the taste of old, some also with PDO origins, even because many originate from organic productions.

The Portuguese olive oil, of great quality, is always present and integrates all the dishes including the recipes of cod (say there are 1001!), in which we are outstanding in the form of preparing and appreciating.

And the cheeses! Just refer to the Serra, but all of the center of Portugal, Alentejo or the Azores are delicious.

The sweets, with roots in the many convents where they were prepared, make us even today “Give thanks to the heavens”. And we can’t stop tasting a pastry of cream. It always goes well with the coffee, which we take express.

The wines, are not only about knowing the vineyard and the wines. Around the vineyards emerged innovative resorts where it’s possible to learn and enjoy using the five senses. Wineries, restaurants wine bars, routes and modern Wine Spas with beauty treatments based on grapes. Getting to know Portugal through its wines is a different and fun way to get in touch with the rich culture of this country. Whether Branco ,Tinto,Verde, Rosé ,Espumante, Porto, Madeira or Moscatel, all of them are inseparable from the good Portuguese table.